It’s a Girl

It’s a girl!

A new baby girl.

The parents: Me.

The child: Me.

Mom: Me.

Dad: Me.

Who do I want to raise this child to be?

What can we teach her?

How, also, can we let her be free?

Free from fear.

Free from limiting beliefs.

Free from separation.

Free from critique.

Open completely to an abundant reality.

Open fully to being unique.

To being loved and loving equally.

She feels safe.

She is provided for.

She is In Joy.

She is daring.

Daring to follow her heart from day one.

What other way would it be?

But in comes society,



She needs to learn how to live in this world.

Not offend anyone with her Truth,

with her Freedom.

She must not stand out,

for fear she might be seen.

That’s total bullshit.

I see you,

you see me.

Let’s look down deep and see

the serene landscape within each and every being.

This child of mine will not be asked to hide her flame,

her spark,

not by me.

No longer shall I encourage her to experience guilt or shame as a requirement of being ‘healthy’.

You’re already perfect,






Welcome to Earth School,

beautiful baby, Stephanie.



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