Solar/Lunar Harmony

It depends on who you ask, on where you are in the world, and in what time period. What is the secret to living a harmonious life? What is the secret? How is life best lived? In my investigation into astrological chart interpretation, there are different philosophies.  Different planetary emphasis.  Different perspectives.  Different biases. In … More Solar/Lunar Harmony

Can I Cut It?

I’ve been actually traveling around in a van for the last two weeks.  I say ‘actually traveling’ because I’ve mostly been stationary since I moved into my car in January of 2018.  Yes, I have moved to different places over the last 8 months, but once I arrived, I stayed there for at least a … More Can I Cut It?

Gymnopedie No.1

I took care of you.  When you were stressed or overwhelmed, I comforted you. When you were sad, I held you. When you were angry, I tried to calm you. When you were excited, I went off duty. When you were happy, I let you be you. When you were content, I went to my … More Gymnopedie No.1

It’s a Girl

It’s a girl! A new baby girl. The parents: Me. The child: Me. Mom: Me. Dad: Me. Who do I want to raise this child to be? What can we teach her? How, also, can we let her be free? Free from fear. Free from limiting beliefs. Free from separation. Free from critique. Open completely … More It’s a Girl

Call of the Wild

Oh, the distance I have come. Oh, the distance I will go. Continually on the path towards growth. For the past 30 years that growth was imperceptibly slow. Normal rates of maturation that come with age. Once I hit that last exact there was an altered speed beyond my comprehension. Time sped up. Mind slowed … More Call of the Wild

Mother, Father, Child

Right hand over left, I begin the internal quest to answer the questions that rest on my lips, on my tongue, on my mind, on my breast. Experiences, emotions, in need of digest. Radically nourished, mind begins to meld, into body, feeling held. Singing softly, mother’s milk. Sipping slowly, get my fill. Supremely safe. Protected, … More Mother, Father, Child

Sedona Love

The last time I wrote was almost a month ago, to this day.  Today is February 23, 2018.  I am sitting in the Chocolatree trying to silence out the nom nom chanting going on above my head, the pull to connect with my beautiful Tree Sisters, and the burning sensation inside of my solar plexus. … More Sedona Love