Can I Cut It?

I’ve been actually traveling around in a van for the last two weeks.  I say ‘actually traveling’ because I’ve mostly been stationary since I moved into my car in January of 2018.  Yes, I have moved to different places over the last 8 months, but once I arrived, I stayed there for at least a … More Can I Cut It?

Sedona Love

The last time I wrote was almost a month ago, to this day.  Today is February 23, 2018.  I am sitting in the Chocolatree trying to silence out the nom nom chanting going on above my head, the pull to connect with my beautiful Tree Sisters, and the burning sensation inside of my solar plexus. … More Sedona Love

This Too Shall Pass

It is Wednesday, January 24th. This past week has been exhausting.  I started my new job at The Chocolatree Restaurant.  I worked Friday through Monday.  I’m working today as well.  I’ve noticed how much my desire to be perfect and to be liked is present in a work environment.  On top of learning how to … More This Too Shall Pass

Road Trip

“If you can’t fly then run.  If you can’t run then walk.  If you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” -Martin Luther King Jr. Today is Wednesday, January 18th.  I slept at a campground last night in Oak Creek Canyon just outside of Sedona.  I just got … More Road Trip


Today I am celebrating life by sitting on a couch and appreciating it.  I am enjoying being in a space all day without giving it a second thought.  I am reveling in really clean hair and freshly laundered clothing. This weekend I studied a lot of astrology.  I frequented Starbucks for free WiFi and I … More Friends