Mother, Father, Child

Right hand over left,

I begin the internal quest

to answer the questions that rest

on my lips,

on my tongue,

on my mind,

on my breast.



in need of digest.

Radically nourished,

mind begins to meld,

into body,

feeling held.

Singing softly,

mother’s milk.

Sipping slowly,

get my fill.

Supremely safe.


no trace

of the outside place.

Strong boundaries holding space.

My father’s face,

warm and washed with grace.

Images come.




You are an infinite one,

meditating on life in the desert.

Relish in the pleasure.

In the present.

In the pressure.

Relish in each morsel.

The deep buried treasure,

within us all.

Within a brawl.

Within a baby’s first crawl.

The witnessing of someone’s raw.

Take a moment,

see it all.

Accept the heartbreak.

Accept the ecstatic joy.

Each and every moment,


To this fleeting world I say, “Ahoy, matey,

climb aboard.

Let’s sail the waters of the Lord,

the Lady,

Goddess and God.



Source of It All. ✨❤️




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