Sedona Love

The last time I wrote was almost a month ago, to this day.  Today is February 23, 2018.  I am sitting in the Chocolatree trying to silence out the nom nom chanting going on above my head, the pull to connect with my beautiful Tree Sisters, and the burning sensation inside of my solar plexus.  Last night I woke up at 2 am dreaming about Chiron, friends’ birth charts, and a man who was making prayer hands on his forehead toward me.  I laid for a moment in my little Subi Shiva and remembered.  Felt the inspiration pulsating through my veins.  Remembered.  I pushed the hatchback door open from behind my head and felt a cool, calm night on my back.  I wiggled out of my sleeping bag, pivoted my hips around, found my slippers to my right and slid them on my feet.  My feet touched the ground and I moved two steps to the left.  I pulled down my sweatpants and leaned against the cold metal of the car with my hand and peed.  I looked up.  In the sky, calling out to me, a star.  Or a planet?  I crawled back into my cocoon.  I did an interview with myself about what was alive in me at that moment:

Excitement about astrology, questions about karma, Yashua, the future, Chiron, North Node in Pisces, North Node in Taurus, 3rd House, 7th House, 10th House, 4th House, interviews with wise children, interviews with everyone: What is alive in you right now, what is your highest excitement? What is love? What is true for you in this moment?,  heartburn and indigestion, sleeplessness, excitement, energy, momentum, possibility, eager anticipation, joy, gratitude, love, ideas, projects, passions, Chocolatree, some judgment, desire to sleep, goodnight.

Man.  So much has developed, sustained, and changed in the last month.  So freaking much.  Last night I changed my name at work to Sol.  Short for Soloman.  Pronounced like Saul or Soul.  I’ve only told three people.  One loved it.  One, not so much.  The other, too self-involved to care.  I feel resonant with King Soloman.  With the name.  With the Sun (Sol).  And with my Soul.

I just ate a waffle with macadamia nut butter, almond butter and honey.  I also had a kefir parfait with apples, blueberries and bananas.  I am so stuffed with food.

A month seems like a lot of time to recap.  I guess there’s no pressure to do anything. I’ve been feeling cracked wide open in my heart space recently.  I’ve also been using that as an excuse to eat cacao everyday from Lulu’s.  But seriously, I feel like my heart is waking up to the beauty and the love and the joy and abundance that life has to offer.  And the cacao has had a profound effect on the shaking loose of crust that’s built up around my heart space.  I advise everyone to have some real cacao, a cacao ceremony, delicious chocolate and lots and lots of loving friends!!!

It’s supposed to snow in Sedona today.  I saw a few flakes this morning when I woke up.  I love it here.  I love love love it here.  Thank you, Sedona, for teaching how to love again.  ❤️


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