A Dream

She sits on the stairs and looks at the door.  This home is no longer her own.  She feels the cool wood beneath her, firm and weathered by time and life.  She has placed herself two steps from the landing.  The height just right to accommodate his torso.  She’s laid a sweater down on the floor below her; a welcome mat.  As he appears from the room, she seeks for his gaze to meet her eager eyes.  There is a spark.  She gestures to the spot at her feet.  He hesitates, then relents.  He positions his body perpendicular to hers and wedges himself between her knees.  They melt into one.  She invites his head towards her chest.  She lays the softest kiss on his hairline, his temple, his cheekbone, his jaw.  In this moment, nothing more exists but his magnificent face and her adoring lips.


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