Divine Guidance

Today I pray you show me the way. You’re asking me to go so far, far away. I just arrived; I thought I was here to stay. But the voice continues to insist, it’s further this way.   So I get quiet and sink down deep. I promise to not make a peep. And whenContinue reading “Divine Guidance”


Prelude to Union

There is a world of seeking.  It is equally simple, yet wrought with unfulfillment, This world is filled almost entirely of dreams.  In this world, I am a shattered mirror with the sticky tape still holding its shape.  Everywhere I search, I see myself again.  I am confused.  I can see beautiful prisms of rainbowContinue reading “Prelude to Union”

The Union of Head and Heart

In a simple world, I am a simple girl.  My mind and my heart are the best of friends.  They walk together, hand in hand, skipping merrily to the melody of their union.  My day consists of simple tasks.  I know my place in the world and I do my duties with care and contentment. Continue reading “The Union of Head and Heart”


Every single moment is a miracle.  Can you imagine how different your life would be if this truth was at the forefront of your awareness every step, every breath?  I thought to myself, I haven’t noticed any synchronicities today.  A voice replied, “You haven’t been paying attention”.  The world and its existence is a miracle.Continue reading “Miracles”