Divine Guidance

Today I pray you show me the way. You’re asking me to go so far, far away. I just arrived; I thought I was here to stay. But the voice continues to insist, it’s further this way.   So I get quiet and sink down deep. I promise to not make a peep. And when … More Divine Guidance

A Dream

She sits on the stairs and looks at the door.  This home is no longer her own.  She feels the cool wood beneath her, firm and weathered by time and life.  She has placed herself two steps from the landing.  The height just right to accommodate his torso.  She’s laid a sweater down on the … More A Dream

Save Me

My knight in shining armor rides up. He steadies his stallion and scoops me up in his arms. The danger from which he removed me rapidly fades from my mind. We ride together in a direction unknown to me. I cling to his torso and I feel safe. Tomorrow, I may hate him, but today … More Save Me

Prelude to Union

There is a world of seeking.  It is equally simple, yet wrought with unfulfillment, This world is filled almost entirely of dreams.  In this world, I am a shattered mirror with the sticky tape still holding its shape.  Everywhere I search, I see myself again.  I am confused.  I can see beautiful prisms of rainbow … More Prelude to Union

Quick Fix

It’s 9am and I can’t get that coffee cake off my mind.  I know it’s not the best fuel for my body, but I JUST WANT IT.  I’ve already gone off protocol this week, so Fuck It!  But it’s less about the protocol and more about the pleasure.  Usually, I wake up early, do yoga … More Quick Fix


Across the way a man is seen falling from the cliff. He wears all black. He spreads his arms out wide, as if flying. I look away and my thoughts turn to grey. The others say he slipped. I think, he must be unafraid of dying.  


Oh, hello there, Stephen.  I recognize your scent, your taste, your touch.  You’re hanging onto me like a backpack or a koala cub.  I shake furiously to try to get you off, but you are a stage-five clinger.  You have impeccable grip.  So, it seems we’re stuck together.  In which case, it’d be in both … More Critic


Every single moment is a miracle.  Can you imagine how different your life would be if this truth was at the forefront of your awareness every step, every breath?  I thought to myself, I haven’t noticed any synchronicities today.  A voice replied, “You haven’t been paying attention”.  The world and its existence is a miracle. … More Miracles


The collar is set to the width of her neck. It has been placed there as a means to keep her in check. She curses the one who tries to constrain her, yet she cannot blame this beneficent stranger. It was her conviction which allowed this restriction, for without the collar others would claim her.