Divine Guidance

Today I pray you show me the way.

You’re asking me to go so far, far away.

I just arrived; I thought I was here to stay.

But the voice continues to insist, it’s further this way.


So I get quiet and sink down deep.

I promise to not make a peep.

And when you speak I begin to weep,

Because I know the road’s narrow and steep.


In the darkness I search for assistance.

I find nothing but my own resistance.

I remember it’s no coincidence,

For this journey requires courage and persistence.


Don’t get me wrong, I know you’re all there,

Guiding and providing and prodding, Be Aware.

There is so much you can receive and experience and share.

You just have to realize that comfort and risk do not compare.


So I go forward, I take that small step.

It starts with a thought but feels like a threat.

I teeter on the edge of commitment and regret.

But, for me, a life without adventure is not one worth living;

This I must never forget.


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