The collar is set to the width of her neck. It has been placed there as a means to keep her in check. She curses the one who tries to constrain her, yet she cannot blame this beneficent stranger. It was her conviction which allowed this restriction, for without the collar others would claim her.

Wake Up

I woke up today a different person. I’m thirty, but there’s almost no point in the past that I can reference to this moment. The web of memory spins and unspins itself, particularly in the dreamworld. I wake up and there’s no thread left to pull me back. It’s dark here.  Or is that light? … More Wake Up


The veil is thin out here in the desert. Since Day 1, I can sense a presence. I’ve put up protection and invited only beings of light, yet still I ask, “Am I ready to see what they want to show me?” There is a tinge of fear about seeing the truth.  Because with truth, … More Contact