Precious Pause

Sometimes, when the conditions are right, and I just sit and notice, my heart breaks wide open at the extraordinary sights. At how incredibly alive this world is; how potent.

This Too Shall Pass

It is Wednesday, January 24th. This past week has been exhausting.  I started my new job at The Chocolatree Restaurant.  I worked Friday through Monday.  I’m working today as well.  I’ve noticed how much my desire to be perfect and to be liked is present in a work environment.  On top of learning how to … More This Too Shall Pass

Road Trip

“If you can’t fly then run.  If you can’t run then walk.  If you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” -Martin Luther King Jr. Today is Wednesday, January 18th.  I slept at a campground last night in Oak Creek Canyon just outside of Sedona.  I just got … More Road Trip

Desert Sunrise

Night gives way to an orange line glowing bright. Outside my window, under the velvet mesquite, a fire burns in the sky. A life without bounds gives way to the day. Where dreams are still real but take longer to stay. Red and orange turn to purple and blue. The time between sleep and movement … More Desert Sunrise


Today I am celebrating life by sitting on a couch and appreciating it.  I am enjoying being in a space all day without giving it a second thought.  I am reveling in really clean hair and freshly laundered clothing. This weekend I studied a lot of astrology.  I frequented Starbucks for free WiFi and I … More Friends


The sun shines through the window in the corner of my eye. I blink and awake from a stupor of past and future meaninglessness. I am in and out, in and out. Present, future, present, past, future, present, past. A wind blows by and stirs up the warm smell of pine: present. A thought sails … More 3.30.15

Divine Guidance

Today I pray you show me the way. You’re asking me to go so far, far away. I just arrived; I thought I was here to stay. But the voice continues to insist, it’s further this way.   So I get quiet and sink down deep. I promise to not make a peep. And when … More Divine Guidance

A Dream

She sits on the stairs and looks at the door.  This home is no longer her own.  She feels the cool wood beneath her, firm and weathered by time and life.  She has placed herself two steps from the landing.  The height just right to accommodate his torso.  She’s laid a sweater down on the … More A Dream