Quick Fix

It’s 9am and I can’t get that coffee cake off my mind.  I know it’s not the best fuel for my body, but I JUST WANT IT.  I’ve already gone off protocol this week, so Fuck It!  But it’s less about the protocol and more about the pleasure.  Usually, I wake up early, do yogaContinue reading “Quick Fix”


Morning Meditations

I wake up and I can feel my stomach, my guts.  It feels empty. I can also feel my heart in my chest, which in contrast, feels full. My shoulders need a constant reminder to relax, drop away from my ears, chill out. I can breath clearly through my nose this morning without the neti.Continue reading “Morning Meditations”

My Soul is the Color Blue

My soul is the color blue. Not dark blue like the night sky, and not light blue like the day sky. The color of tropical water blue, with a little bit of green. It’s the second gradient of blue on the east shore of Lake Tahoe, where the lake bottom is still visible but youContinue reading “My Soul is the Color Blue”