Today I am celebrating life by sitting on a couch and appreciating it.  I am enjoying being in a space all day without giving it a second thought.  I am reveling in really clean hair and freshly laundered clothing.

This weekend I studied a lot of astrology.  I frequented Starbucks for free WiFi and I used lots of data in the desert.  The nights were much warmer and I switched up my sleeping position in my car.  My hips are bruised from sleeping on such a firm surface, so I am in eager anticipation of an upgrade to my bed.

On Sunday, I went from meditation to metaphysical store.  I wanted to talk to people about astrology.  I chatted with a few women for a while about our birth charts and living in Sedona and other topics.  I went to a coffee shop above the store afterwards and updated my resume.  At 4:10pm I went to the movies.  I saw The Shape of Water and I ate popcorn.  I sat in the theater until the last credits rolled.  Then I drove back out to the National Forest.

On Monday, I went to a meditation group where the facilitator channeled ascended masters.  He transmitted the message of “letting go of everything that you think you know and surrendering to universal love”.  Afterwards, I drove to the Cathedral  vortex, ate salad, had tea, and hiked to the top.  While I was in the parking lot eating my lunch, a reclusive guy was playing piano in his van in the next parking space over.  So magical! Later on that evening, as I sat with my feet hanging out of the back of my car, studying Saturn, Maria texted me and invited me to come stay at her house for the night.  I hesitated.  She said it was too cold for me to camp, but I disagreed.  I decided to go; but in my mind I said for companionship, not for cold.

Maria had another friend staying last night as well.  She just moved to Sedona. I had sat next to her at Whole Foods earlier in the day.  We shared a charging outlet.  She was bubbly, bold and sharp.  Her name: Kami Orange.  The three of us stayed up until 1am talking about spiritual growth, being witches, cycles, astrology, energy.  Kami coached me on releasing past karma.  I did my first two astrological readings on them.  We laughed.  We shared.  I felt known.  I felt home.  I felt like I had friends.

This morning I took a shower.  Last night I slept on a couch.  This afternoon I washed dishes in a sink.  Right now I am sitting in a living room.  I can charge my phone without turning the car on.  The room is illuminated without batteries.  I’m not saying it’s better, I’m just saying that I’m aware.  Contrast is what creates experience.  Contrast is duality.  I am appreciative in this moment.  I am also looking forward to the passing of the storm and the return of my feet to floury, red dirt.

Life is sweet.  Be like a hummingbird and suck the sweet nectar out of each and every flower.


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