City Girl Goes Home

When I am in the city I am obsessed. Obsessed with what I’m wearing, what I’m doing, who I am being.  I need more.  I don’t have enough.  I have so little.  I’m always low on gas, almost out of make-up, never having enough clothes to look as cute as the girl next to me.  My style is so blah.  Maybe it’s time for a new cut and color.  A pedicure.  A manicure.  A new purse to match my shoes.  My house isn’t large enough.  I could use a new couch.  I want the premium channels on tv.  I want someone else to cook for me and I don’t want to clean, either.  I need a vacation.

When I am in the woods I am free.  I love the sun and the breeze and the trees.  When there are clouds in the sky I am so grateful every time the sun pops out.  I love the sound of water trickling down the rocks.  I love how you can hear the ants moving around if you are still enough.  The transition from damp forest floor to rock slabs and small shrubs.  I think about how glad I am to be alive.  The granola bar that I usually don’t like is suddenly the best thing I’ve ever tasted.  Seeing people becomes a special moment shared on Earth.  A plunge into an icy pool makes my whole body warm and tingly.  I am alive and I am grateful for this moment.  I want this vacation to last forever.


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