Every single moment is a miracle.  Can you imagine how different your life would be if this truth was at the forefront of your awareness every step, every breath?  I thought to myself, I haven’t noticed any synchronicities today.  A voice replied, “You haven’t been paying attention”.  The world and its existence is a miracle.  Synchronicities are always there; we just have to tune into them.  No matter how small, how seemingly inconsequential.  There are no coincidences.  Everything is divine orchestration.  Every moment, walk in reverence.  Every moment, recognize the synchronicity of one zillion webs weaving in an infinite pattern repeated.  To spend your life in recognition of the miracle, that is true enlightenment.

See, I can get caught up real easily in the shit.  In my life.  In me.  In the eyes through which I see.  When I am swimming down in that well, it’s hard to see out, up, even down.  All I see is brown.

To go from here to there; that is my task.  To bring awareness to every moment’s miracle.  To witness with wonder, with awe, with curiosity.  To witness the mind as a separate entity.  To witness the world from a place of freshness.  Baby eyes.  Beginner’s mind.  This takes practice.  Time.  Diligence.  I sit and I pray.  I meditate.  I wake up with the sun.  I do my asana practice.  I write.  I breath and I feel my heart beat.  I walk in the desert.  I smell the breeze.  I listen for the inner voice who leads me to peace.  There are days when I forget.  I fall down.  I swim in shit.  I recover.  Eventually.  I get back up and I lovingly lead myself back to myself.  To my heart.  I listen and I study.  I ask for help.  I call my friends.  I love myself.  And then, I return home.  And I pray that next time I won’t be away as long.

”Every moment is a choice between a grievance and a miracle”. -Deepak Chopra in reference to A Course in Miracles


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