The veil is thin out here in the desert.

Since Day 1, I can sense a presence.

I’ve put up protection and invited only beings of light, yet still I ask, “Am I ready to see what they want to show me?”

There is a tinge of fear about seeing the truth.  Because with truth, comes action.

There is basically no other option.  Unless, of course, you want to live in an illuminated dumpster for the rest of this lifetime.

For me, the only option is truth and inevitable release,



And then life presents itself again.

So about the others; I know you are there.

And I say, “Welcome Light Beings”.

And I plead you reveal to me slowly, gently.

Although I sense I can handle much more.

In fact, it’s exciting to experience a reality that transcends all expectation of time.

So I take that back.  Bring it on.

Illuminate the path and I shall follow my light, which is your light, which is our light, which is simply Light.

Magnificent, blinding Love and Light.


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